Published on January 14, 2022 Updated on January 14, 2022


The project concerns on the one hand the study of the mechanisms of apprehension of “privacy” by adolescents, their exhibiting or confidentiality strategies, and secondly, the methods of transmission of “digital culture” references mobilised by teachers and educators to achieve such awareness.

Objectifs scientifiques

The research will continue with an educational awareness-raising approach, with the aim of bringing about new scenarios for adolescents to learn about and discuss “privacy” by arranging spaces for exploration.

Project in response to the Defender of Rights’ call for research projects with INJEP 2021.

Partners: Agnès Granchet, Sophie Jehel, Marie Chagnoux, (Paris 8 University, Cemti), Orélie Desfriches, Jean Marc Meunier (PARAGRAPHE Laboratory, Paris 8 University), Nicole Boubée, (LERASS Laboratory, University of Toulouse Occitanie-Pyrénées), Laurence Calandri, Laurence Leveneur (IDETCOM Laboratory, Toulouse 1 Capitole University), Franck Martin, (SFR-AEF, Toulouse Jean Jaurès University), Valentyna Dimitrova, Valentine Favel Kapoian (ELICO Laboratory - Lyon1 University), Florence Thiault, Florian Hemont PREFics Laboratory, Rennes 2 University).

Contact : Jean-Marc Meunier