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Published on January 14, 2022 Updated on January 14, 2022

CREA-FLEX PROJECT (Creativity-Flexibility)

The projects included in CREA-FLEX aim to characterise the nature of cognitive flexibility, to identify the learning contexts most favourable to its expression and to promote its development from the perspective of school-based interventions.

Cognitive Flexibility
Cognitive Flexibility

Objectifs scientifiques

Their purpose is to implement and assess in the classroom the effectiveness of flexibility-stimulating devices on the development of knowledge and the understanding of concepts taught at school - particularly in mathematics, and in written production and comprehension - or even on the development and transfer of cross-disciplinary skills. An extension of this research in the medium term is to develop scientifically-based digital play devices with demonstrated effectiveness. Three doctoral theses are currently being carried out on these issues. 

Project funded by the UCP Foundation and the Interdisciplinary Research Centre

Partners: Laure Baudier, Evelyne Clément, Hippolyte Gros, Eric Iacono, Hélène Soler (PARAGRAPHE Laboratory, CY Cergy Paris Université)