du 11 octobre 2023 au 12 octobre 2023
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Online seminar 11/10 - Thomas Griffin & Jennifer Wiley


This wednesday (October the 11th), the ADC team will have the great honour of welcoming:

That's so meta!: Understanding what factors impact people's understanding or their understanding.

Thomas Griffin & Jennifer Wiley

Department of Psychology, University of Illinois at Chicago

Abstract: Metacomprehension is a learner's ability to accurately evaluate how well they have comprehended what they have read. It is critical for how efficiently they can self-regulate their study behaviors to optimize learning. We use both meta-analytic and experimental methods to identify the factors that can impede or facilitate metacomprehension accuracy and effective self-regulated learning of complex scientific explanations.

[French below]
Practical information:

-The online conference will start at 4:30PM UTC+2 (Paris Time) and end at 6PM.
- If you are in Paris and wish to attend the seminar with the ADC team, feel free to join us in our lab at Gennevilliers. 
- To attend online, join us on Teams using the following information:

Meeting ID: 346 234 185 643 
Password: TrPduw

Informations pratiques :

- Conférence virtuelle en anglais
- Pour assister en présence de l'équipe ADC, rendez-vous salle A204, sur le campus de Gennevilliers, ZAC des Barbanniers, Avenue Paul Marcel, 92230 Gennevilliers. 
- Pour assister à distance à la conférence, rendez-vous sur Teams à partir de 16h30 : 

Lien de connexion
Meeting ID: 346 234 185 643 
Mot de passe : TrPduw